Jul 31, 2018
Dark Funeral Logo Cap´s available

Now available!!!

Dark Funeral ‘Logo’ Baseball Cap
Diaboliswear - Europe/World

Embroidered Logo Snap Back (Black)
Diaboliswear - North America

Jul 31, 2018
We're headlining Rock Al Parque

It will be a great honour to headline this years edition of Rock Al Parque, the biggest festival in Latin America!  It has been many years since we last set our foot in Colombia, so we are extremely eager to finally return. Since our last visit, we have a new album out, "Where Shadows Forever Reign". We also celebrate 25 years as a band! So this is going to be EPIC in many ways. 

We're playing the Escenario Plaza stage at 08:25PM. Let's set Rock Al Parque on fire together!
Escenario plaza 08:25PM

More Tourdates: 

Jul 31, 2018
Logo enamel pin

DARK FUNERAL Logo enamel pins are now in stock! 1.5 inch in height – extremely high quality and available now!

Available through our North American webstore
Order here:

Jul 2, 2018
Dark Funeral – Den som inte vågar bryta ny mark kommer ingenstans

CRANKITUP: Hur ska en inre demon tyglas och vad för roll som musiker kan du visa sina fans ? Solen skiner denna försommardag när Dark Funerals bandgeneral och CrankItUps utsände slår sig ned på en bänk utanför Kraken i Stockholm för att diskutera den filosofi som fortsätter att driva bandet framåt mot deras 25-årsjubileum.

Läs intervjun med Lord Ahriman här:

Jun 28, 2018
Lord Ahriman: Jag ville aldrig bli rockstjärna

Just nu är Dark Funeral på Japanturné och i vinter gör de för första gången på många år en klubbturné i Sverige. Redan under Sweden Rock Festival fick dock den svenska publiken en försmak på vad som väntar i vinter och tog sig ett snack med bandets gitarrist och grundare Lord Ahriman.

Läs hela intervjun här:

Jun 27, 2018

The rumors are true, we are returning to Latin America in October!

Since the release of our album "Where Shadows Forever Reign", we have travelled far and wide around the world, casting shadows over Europe, North America, Russia and parts of Asia and now the turn has finally come to Latin America!

Here is the schedule, which gigs will you attend? Don't forget to share this post, let's make this tour leave echoes for eternity!

2.10 Noisy - Querétaro, MX
3.10 Foro Independecia - Guadalajara, MX
4.10 TBA - Leon, MX
5.10 Bunker - San Luis Potosí, MX
6.10 Mexico Metal Fest - Monterrey, MX
7.10 Force Fest - Mexico City, MX
9.10 Peppers Club - San Jose, CR
11.10 TBA
12.10 Distorsion Bar - Cali, CO
13.10 Lima Metal Fest - Lima, PE
14.10 Sociedad de Artesanos de la Serena - La Serena, CL
15.10 Barra Bassbar - Puerto Montt, CL
16.10 Subterráneo - Santiago, CL
17.10 Casa Babylon - Cordoba, AR
18.10 Teatro Vorterix - Buenos Aires, AR
19.10 Montevideo Music Box - Montevideo, UY
20.10 Bar da Montanha - Limeira, BR
21.10 Manifesto Bar - São Paulo, BR

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Jun 12, 2018
Japan Tour witth Naglfar

The last time we toured together with Naglfar was in the USA, 2007. Now the time has come to join unholy forces again, but this time in Japan. And make no misstake, it will be absolutely EPIC! See you soon!

16.06 Tokyo - Shimokitazawa Garden, Japan
17.06 Osaka - Shinsaibashi Soma, Japan

Jun 12, 2018
Pictures & Reviews from our show at Sweden Rock Festival

Check out some great reviews & pictures from our epic show at Sweden Rock Festival here.
And dont forget to tag us in your own pictures and videos #darkfuneral

Jun 12, 2018
Tack! Sweden Rock Festival!

Vi får lov att tacka för den enorma uppslutningen & helt fenomenala responsen under & efter vårt gig på Sweden Rock Festival. Åter igen visar Ni att vi verkligen saknar & behöver spela mer i Sverige. Nu fortsätter vi att turnera världen över under sommaren & hösten, innan vi åter igen ställer oss på en svensk scen. Vi ses i November!

2.11 Nordfest @ Club Deströyer, Sundsvall
3.11 Halloween Meltdown @ Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna
8.11 Mejeriet, Lund
9.11 Pustervik, Göteborg
10.11 Kraken, Stockholm

Säkra din biljett redan NU!
We want to thank you all for the enormous support & completely overwhelming response during & after our gig at the Sweden Rock Festival. Again, you show that we really miss & need to play more in Sweden. Now we will continue to tour the world during the summer and autumn before we return to a Swedish stage again. See you in November!

More Tourdates/Info:

May 30, 2018
Meet & Greet at Sweden Rock Festival 2018

We will be doing a MEET & GREET shortly after our set at Sweden Rock Festival. Bring your DARK FUNERAL Merch, albums, or buy some of the new Merchandise we will have available at the festival, and we'll sign it, chat a bit and take some pictures with you. See you soon!

Friday June 8
4SoundStage @ 16:00 (4PM)
Meet & Greet: 18:30 (6:30PM)

May 21, 2018
Rock Al Parque 2018

Now, this will be absolutely amazing. Latin Americas biggest festival - Rock Al Parque - Bogota, Colombia. We'll see you on August 18!

May 4, 2018
25 Year Anniversary Swedish Tour

We're happy to announce that we will be having a 25 Year Anniversary Swedish Tour this November. It will be EPIC! Full information below.


02.11 Nordfest @ Club Deströyer - Sundsvall, SE
03.11 Halloween Meltdown @ Lokomotivet - Eskilstuna, SE 
08.11 Mejeriet - Lund, SE
09.11 Pustervik - Göteborg, SE
10.11 Kraken -Stockholm, SE

More Tourdates/Info:

May 3, 2018
All Covers Available Now on Spotify

In case you have missed out on all the covers we have recorded and released over the years, or just want to blast them in your speakers again, we have created a special Spotify playlist with all of them together.

While you're at it, feel free to check out all the other playlists we have posted for your listening pleasure.

Apr 25, 2018
Sweden Rock 2018 Timetable

Timetable for Sweden Rock Festival is finally released. We'll hit the 4Sound Stage on Friday at 16:00 (4pm sharp). And yes, we know it's not 666% ideal for a band like us to play in the disgusting daylight but have no doubts, we will bring Hellfire and darkness to Sweden Rock Festival, you don't wanna miss this!

Apr 24, 2018
Embroidered Logo Snap Back Available Now

Embroidered Logo Snap Back (Black) - now available though Diaboliswear - North America.

Buy here:

Diaboliswear is the official Dark Funeral Webstore with one online store based in Europe & one in USA.

Apr 18, 2018
Limited 2018 US Tour Items Now Available

Limited 2018 US Tour items are now available! Free postage for US Residents!

After our extremely successful US/CAN tour together with Septicflesh and Thy Antichrist, that ended about a month ago, we are having a sale of tour merch. Due to extremely popular designs we didn't manage to have a full inventory for all the gigs. And we know that many of you left the shows empty handed, simply because we ran out of items. This is your chance to solve that!

Order here:

Webshop (Europe/World):

Apr 2, 2018
"Where Shadows Forever Reign" Make Hellish Marks on Amazon

The ongoing Amazon campaign make hellish marks already in the first 24h after launch! But on the other hand, who can resist buying & listening to the nowadays easter classic "Nail Them To The Cross", amongst other amazing tracks on Dark Funeral's "Where Shadows Forever Reign"!?

#1 in Amazon Metal
#94 in overall ALL music on Amazon.
Ranked #30 in Movers and Shakers

In case you missed our original post, here's an offer no Metal fan can miss! Starting March 30th, our latest album "Where Shadows Forever Reign" is included in the $5 Amazon sale. Yes, you heard it right. For a limited time, you can buy this double award-winning masterpiece for only $5! The campaign ends on April 12, 2018. So what are you waiting for? It's time to make a deal with the Amazon devil!

Buy here:

Mar 31, 2018
"Where Shadows Forever Reign" Amazon Sale

Here's an offer no Metal fan can miss!

Starting March 30th, our latest album "Where Shadows Forever Reign" is included in the $5 Amazon sale. Yes, you heard it right. For a limited time, you can buy this double award-winning masterpiece for only $5! The campaign ends on April 12, 2018. So what are you waiting for? It's time to make a deal with the Amazon devil!

Buy here:

Mar 28, 2018
Swedish Black Invasion Japan

We're happy to announce we will be returning to Japan this June with Naglfar. Event and ticket information below.


6.16 Tokyo - Shimokitazawa Garden, JPN
6.17 Osaka - Shinsaibashi Soma, JPN

6/16(土)東京 下北沢GARDEN
6/17(日)大阪 心斎橋SOMA

Dark Funeral achieved nothing less than breathing new life into a genre that seemed to have become somewhat antiquated and musty.

Deaf Forever Magazine (Germany)

Dark Funeral’s deft counterbalancing of battering ultra-violence and impeccably paced restraint is nothing short of electrifying.

Terrorizer (UK)

It feels good once more to have a band like Dark Funeral who don’t beat around the bush and just go for the throat with the subtlety of a wolf on steroids.

Metal Hammer (UK)